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About Us: IdeaTalent LLC was founded in 2008 as a Fairfax, VA based company dedicated to providing Apps for data tracking.

To provide the largest selection of day-to-day data tracking Apps for businesses and individuals.

We take pride in improving our products rapidly based on customer feedback and improving the range of products available. Any issues or suggestions for improvement are given top priority and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Apps on the PC:

Over 40 data tracking apps are available to track day-to-day activities on your PC. Encrypted storage is available for all these apps. Users can also attach files to data records so all files are available along with the data event they represent. Search and data management activities are available. Also, besides the 40+ templates , there are 10 Custom templates that can be setup easily to save any kind of data by creating user-defined templates.

Apps Online:
We provide a free trial of online data storage Apps with over 40 different options to store home and business personal data. You can also create your own custom Apps in a few minutes and start storing data your way and access it from anywhere since it is on our servers.

Data Tracking Workbooks:

Even if you store data on the PC or online, it is always a good idea to write down your information in an organized way using our templates in a 92 page workbook that you can carry around. This workbook is also sold on Amazon but we give you a great direct pricing. There are 2 workbooks, 1 for day-to-day data and another specifically for health care and history that can be taken to your next doctors visit.

Photo Organizer and PhotoBook Creator Software:

Organize Photos on PC with yearly display, add caption, view slideshows, create and print PhotoBooks.
Organize the thousands of photos on your PC into 1 dashboard grid 2-dimensional display by year and event. Add captions to each photo easily that is attached to the photo and shows with the photo on a slideshow or on a PhotoBook. Create new PhotoBooks and copy photos into it and print as a book using any browser. Specify a top level folder on your PC and in a few minutes, all your photos within all sub-folders will be organized into the Photo Dashboard. Program works on copies of your photos and leaves all original photos on your PC untouched.

Besides, we also provide IntelliCustom Resumes software, Save2Spend Home Budgeting software and Team2Manage for managers software (all these have been developed and published by IdeaTalent LLC) We don't sell any third-party software.

Contact us:
Please email us at and we would love to hear from you whether it is feedback or any issues. We appreciate all our customers and strive hard to meet your expectations.

Thanks for visiting!

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