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All Softwares below have been developed by IdeaTalent LLC. We do not sell third party software.
We use Paypal (including credit cards) to process your payment and never have access to your financial information. Prices below are for online download purchases only.
Product Description Solo With 5 App Bundle (@ 3.99/App) With 8 App Bundle (@ 2.99/App)
Available Data Tracking Apps (choose by email after payment):
  • Desktop Health Records App
  • Home Maintenance Recordkeeping App
  • Passwords Info Recordkeeping App
  • Car Servicing App
  • Travel Log App
  • Job Opportunities Records App
  • Book Reading and Summary App
  • Retirement Accounts App
  • Outstanding Debt App
  • Shopping Lists App
  • Sales Leads Info Recordkeeping and Workflows App
  • Marketing Events Recordkeeping and Workflows App
  • Journalist Info Records App
  • Weekly Tasks Records App
  • Sports Apps
  • 10 Custom Apps (each is counted as a separate App) to store data in your own defined templates
  • Kids Activities
  • Weight and Exercise App
  • Allergies tracking and history App
  • Student Coursework
  • Friends Addresses App
  • Personal Address History
$16.00    $11.99/App $3.99/App $2.99/App
Photo Organizer and PhotoBook Creator Software
Organize the thousands of photos on your PC into 1 dashboard grid 2-dimensional display by year and event and add captions
$16.00    $11.99 $2.99 + Bundle
Intelli Custom Resumes Software v4.0
Use our proprietary INTELLIMATCH technology to match job descriptions to your resume and update resume to include missing keywords. This will increase your chances of getting noticed.
$19.95 $16 $4 + Bundle
Save2Spend Home Budgeting Software
Create a Home Budget in 5 minutes each month and avoid over/under spending and over/under saving.
$19.95 $14.99 $4 + Bundle
Team2Manage for Managers Software
Using encrypted storage on PC, a manager can record ongoing assessment related comments that can be used for annual assessments. A manager can store tasks with due dates for team members and manage upcoming and overdue tasks. Storing team members profiles, resumes, birthdays, vacation dates, training dates etc can simplify the daily tasks associated with managing a team.
$24.95  $19.95
Annual Unlimited Online Apps Storage for Personal use - Includes free 1 yr unlimited accounts for 5 friends from your date of purchase. Create your own Apps for data to be stored your way. Pricing / Terms
Data Tracking Workbook with templates to save (write) many types of data including passwords, home repairs, car repairs etc Pricing / Details
Ships only in USA.
Health Records Tracking Workbook with templates to save (write) many types of data including doctors visits, doctor referrals, costs, insurance premiums, Rx etc Pricing / Details
Ships only in USA.
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